Beginner-Friendly Tiered Dress Sewing Pattern

Beginner-Friendly Tiered Dress Sewing Pattern

If you’re looking for a fast and easy sewing project and if you like a tiered dress, then this might be the one for you! It’s a great pattern for beginner dressmakers or if you want to get your sew-jo back.

The Pattern: Cassie Dress from Emporia Patterns

Emporia Fabric & Craft is a beautiful fabrics shop based in Ashford, Kent, also selling handmade crafts from local artisans. Recently they ventured out by starting their own range of gorgeous independent sewing patterns.

Cassie Dress from Emporia Patterns

The Cassie Dress is actually designed to be a summer dress but combined with the right fabric, some tights and boots it works perfectly for autumn too I think.

Why This Tiered Dress Pattern

I have been really keen to (finally!) make a tiered dress for myself after seeing so many beautiful versions floating around on social media. When I came across this pattern, I knew it would be the right one for me.

It’s a simple dress which is what I love about it the most. I started this after a more challenging sewing project and really just needed a quick win to get my sew-jo back. And this pattern delivered!

Cassie Dress with Atelier 27 Fabric from Good Store

The Cassie Dress features short sleeves, bust darts and the best thing: no closures!! This means no fiddling around with zippers or buttonholes which is always a nerve-racking part of the sewing process. The highlight, of course, is the tiers and you can choose between making two or three. I’ve made the shorter version with two tiers only.

Challenges When Making It

None! This dress has just been a dream to make. It’s a very beginner-friendly pattern and great to get started with dressmaking. The instructions are very clear and include lots of pictures which is always helpful.

Me wearing my Cassie dress

Adjustments I’ve Made

Just a bit of fitting around the waist and that’s it! However, be careful when doing this. Keep in mind that no closure also means that you need to make sure you can get in and out of the dress before sewing it.

I recommend you pin it first and try it carefully on. Alternatively, you could also do some basting stitches just to hold it in place temporarily for the fitting.

The Fabric

The fabric of dreams is an Atelier 27 production, an organisation that works with carefully chosen designers and creates small and limited editions of fabrics each month.

Atelier 27 Fabric

I found and purchased mine at the Good Fabric store which has a beautiful collection of sustainable fabrics “that are good for the planet and people who made them.”

It’s one of the fabrics where I was eager to use every single inch of it, so I also made a skirt and a self-drafted headband out of it. No waste!

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed making the Cassie Dress so much and definitely recommend it if you’re a beginner dressmaker or if you’re looking for a quick and easy sewing project. While the structure is simple, the tiers make this dress really special and unique.

Tiered beginner-friendly dress sewing pattern

While the dress is surely perfect for summer, it’s also a great autumn project┬áif you choose the right fabric.

I love listening to podcasts while making my stitches. They keep me entertained, make me laugh and I learn a lot. Make sure to check out this list here with 18 sewing podcasts to listen to if you’re thinking about doing the same.

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