Getting Started With Sewing Trousers

Getting Started With Sewing Trousers

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Not sure about you, but I always struggle with finding trousers that fit. The bottom part is too tight, the waist too big, the legs too short – you name it 🙈

After getting some first sewing experience with dresses and skirts, I felt ready for a new challenge which would hopefully solve my ‘buying-tousers-issue’: sewing my own ones👖💪

Me wearing my handmade trousers - the perfect fit!
Me wearing my handmade Ultimate trousers – the perfect fit!

The Online Course Solution

With zero experience, I felt that a bit more support than just a pattern would be needed in order to nail the fitting. However, as I work full-time and always have lots going on during the weekend, joining a course wasn’t my preferred option. I was trying to think of another option…🤔

I found one that’s flexible and works with my schedule. I’ve decided to go down the online course solution once again to have the flexibility to squeeze in sewing when it suits me best. When I came across the Ultimate Guide to Sewing & Fitting Trousers from Sew Over It, I knew that I’ve found the right course for me as it’s not only about sewing the trousers but also provides guidance on how to achieve the perfect fit❤️

This is me wearing my Carrie Trousers - perfect for summer!
Here I’m wearing the Carrie trousers which are great for summer!

The course has been created for hobby seamstresses who have sewn some garments before but never made trousers which reflected my situation perfectly😊

The Patterns & My Sewing Experience

There are two patterns included in the trousers online course from Sew Over It: the Carrie Trousers and the Ultimate Trousers.

The Carrie Trousers

The Carrie Trousers have a loose fit and will, therefore, help you to familiarise yourself with the basics and the process of sewing trousers. Thanks to the elasticated-back waistband, it’s easy to make them fit your figure and the pattern also includes pockets🤗

My Carrie Trousers: combined with a cami top and sneakers it's a great summer outfit.
My Carrie Trousers: combined with a cami top and sneakers it’s a great summer outfit.

My Fabric

Based on the style and the loose fit of the pattern, I wanted to make some trousers I could wear in summer and was, therefore, looking for lightweight fabric☀️ Also, as ironing isn’t my passion, I wanted a fabric that doesn’t crease easily. Other requirements I had were that the fabric would need to have a beautiful drape and a pleasant texture😊

I’ve chosen the Prestige Crepe Indigo from Fabric Godmother and it was the perfect match for the pattern♥️ The prestige crepe is slightly heavier in weight which is great for making trousers as you don’t want everything to show through👖

The only downside: the fabric was a bit slippery and so I had to use lots of pins to hold everything in place for the cutting. Also, it looks nearly the same on both sides. I just had medium good lightning and struggled sometimes to find out which side was the right one and which was the wrong one🙈

My Sewing Experience

The online course provided a great step-by-step guide on how to sew trousers. It’s absolutely perfect to learn the technique and you can’t really go wrong – unless you mix up the right and wrong side of your fabric as I did but this has nothing to do with the course itself😅

The Carrie trousers are easy to sew if you follow the step-by-step online course.
The Carrie trousers are easy to sew if you follow the step-by-step online course. This is my favourite outfit combination.

The most difficult part was probably the waistband with the elastics but if you follow the steps of the course carefully, you’ll be absolutely fine.

Adjustments I’ve Made to the Carrie Trousers

The Carrie trousers are meant to have a loose fit, therefore there isn’t a lot of fitting that needs to be done. My ones fit perfectly by just following the course instructions🙌

The only adjustment I’ve made was to shorten the length slight (around 15cm) so that the trousers end a bit above my ankle. This is just a personal preference though💁‍♀️

One thing to be careful about: always check that you can easily get in and out of the trousers when shortening the elastic waistband, especially if your waist is much smaller than your hips (thanks for the tip, Camille!)🙏

What You Need for The Carrie Trousers

  • Light to medium weight woven fabric with drape (the amount of fabric needed depends on your size and the fabric width – for me, it was 2 meters)
  • Elastic for the waistband (again, the amount depends on your size)
  • Matching thread
  • Interfacing for the waistband
  • Basic sewing equipment (fabric scissors, tape measure, pins, ruler, chalk, erasable pen)
  • Ironing board and iron

Also, you need a sewing machine of course – I’ve got a Janome CXL301. Check out this post here if you need help with finding a sewing machine. An overlocker is optional – I’ve made the trousers without.

If you print the pattern yourself, you also need access to a printer. Or you can send it to a printing shop like Netprinter.

Sewing Ultimate Trousers

The Ultimate Trousers have a classic and slim fit which means that you can practise your fitting skills to the fullest🙈 The course really provides brilliant help with any fitting issues you might have and also goes into details with how to alter your pattern.

My Ultimate Trousers: combined with a cami top, high heels and hairband it's  an elegant outfit.
My Ultimate Trousers: combined with a cami top, high heels and hairband it’s an elegant outfit.

My Sewing Fabric

I’m still so in love with the fabric I’ve chosen for my Ultimate trousers♥️

To be honest, I didn’t really know what kind of fabric I was looking for until I came across the Midsummer 4 Way Stretch Double Crepe from Fabric Godmother. Unfortunately, the fabric is no longer available, otherwise, I would have linked it here😔

The fabric was easy to sew with and the 4-way stretch just great for making the trousers and fitting them. It’s a top quality fabric which was important to me for making these trousers – you don’t want your pants to burst🙈

My Sewing Experience

There’s a fitting surgery in the online course which was the most helpful tool ever! It’s recommended to start with a toile using cheaper fabric to test the fit and this really is the best tip you can get for making fitted trousers💡

That's me the very moment I've finished the Ultimate trousers - so happy how they turned out!
That’s me the very moment I’ve finished the Ultimate trousers – so happy how they turned out!

Next, to the fitting surgery and the sewing steps, the online course also provides different style options such as raising the waist or attaching a waistband💁‍♀️ Plus a glossary explaining all terms used during the videos which are super helpful, especially for beginners.

Thanks to all the tools mentioned above, it was a great sewing experience making the Ultimate trousers🙏

Adjustments I’ve made

Thanks to the toile, I’ve realised that I had to make an adjustment for a fuller bottom, a smaller waist and slightly thinner legs.

Other than that, I was again shorting my trousers legs a bit so that they finish a bit above my ankles –  kind of my thing at the moment😆

My favourite styling combination for the Ultimate trousers.
My favourite styling combination for the Ultimate trousers.

What You Need for The Ultimate Trousers

  • Medium to heavy weight woven fabric (the amount of fabric needed depends on your size and the fabric width – for me, it was 2 meters)
  • An invisible zip (9 inches)
  • Matching thread🧵
  • Interfacing for the front waistband

As mentioned above already, you also need basic sewing equipment, an ironing board and iron plus a sewing machine✂️ Optional: an overlocker and a printer if you print the pattern yourself.

My Final Thoughts

Both the Ultimate Trousers as well as the Carrie Trousers are lovely patterns and the online course is absolutely fantastic to get started with sewing your own trousers😊

The highlight for me was the fitting surgery and to learn how to alter your pattern so that it will be perfect next time you sew another pair of trousers🏆

Have you made these trousers as well? Leave me a comment below and let you know your sewing experience! ⬇️

Happy sewing,


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