18 Sewing Podcasts You Can’t Miss

18 Sewing Podcasts You Can’t Miss

Take your crafting game to the next level and listen to sewing podcasts while you make your stitches! This allows you to learn about artists in the industry, techniques, fabrics, other forms of crafting and much more as you go.

There have been so many new sewing podcasts coming out recently that you’ll have hours of entertainment. Below a list of the best 18 sewing podcasts to listen to and subscribe. Lots of laughter guaranteed in all of them!

1. Love To Sew

Love To Sew Podcast

Love To Sew is a Canadian sewing podcast and perfect to listen to while you’re working on your handmade wardrobe! Helen and Caroline talk about all things sewing, engage with the global community, give practical tips and tricks and host guests to explore the sewing world. Episodes are released on a weekly basis and good mood is guaranteed.

2. Craft Industry Alliance

craft industry alliance podcast

Previously called While She Naps, this podcast is hosted by Abby who is based in the US. The Craft Industry Alliance is a community for professionals in the craft industry to stay up to date, build connections and strengthen their business. In each episode, an entrepreneur is interviewed about their passions and what it’s like to run a creative business.

3. Stitchers Brew

Stitchers Brew

Launched in March 2018 and based in London, Gabby and Meghan invite guests from the crafting community to a cup of tea and a chat on a weekly basis. Expect to hear about quilting, embroidery, sewing and crocheting amongst other things. There are also lots of recommendations on what to watch and listen to and of course about tea and biscuits.

4. The New Craft House

The New Craft House Podcast

Join the new podcast on the block! Hanna and Rosie from The New Craft House started their own sewing podcast in 2020 and release weekly episodes where they chat with peeps from the community about their sewing journeys and businesses. They are both based on London and live on boats, so expect some interesting insights into that as well.

5. Seamwork Radio

Seamwork Radio, hosted by Sarai, is back! Now a team of 4, the podcast will continue sharing the stories of makers, like you and me, and talk about how creativity has enhanced their lives, helped them to slow down and get to know their bodies. Full-length episodes are released on the first of each month, along with mini-episodes on the 15th.

6. Modern Sewciety Podcast

modern sewciety podcast

Stephanie is the host of the Modern Sewciety podcast and there’s an archive of over 200 episodes to listen to. Hear the stories from creatives in the sewing industry, get inspired for your own projects and get a sneak peek behind the scenes. There are also a lot of practical tips and tricks to improve your sewing game.

7. un:CUT – The Makers’ Podcast

un:CUT - The Makers' Podcast

Alice, Atia and Juliet are makers themselves who have set up this podcast remotely during the lockdown and released their first episode in July 2020. New episodes are available weekly and cover a broad range of crafting topics such as their experiences when it comes to making time for creativity, the impact of perfectionistic and much more.

8. Stitch Please

Stitch Please Podcast

Stitch Please is a Black Women Stitch podcast hosted by Lisa and representing a group of fantastic black women sewist. This podcast is a values-led project which centres black women and their experiences within and beyond their creative adventures. Starting off in August 2019, there are now 53 episodes to listen to and learn from.

9. Dressed: A History of Fashion

The dream podcast for anyone interested in exploring the history behind the clothes we wear. Creator, hosts and fashion history experts Cassidy and April share stories about the who, what, when and why of clothes twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. Make sure to listen in and keep busy discovering all the previous episodes from the archive.

10. Declutter and Organize Your Sewing Space

Declutter and Organize Your Sewing Space

The perfect podcast to listen to while you tidy up your sewing space. Nadia, a professional decluttering and organising expert based on Oxford UK, shares all her best tips and tricks with you how to liberate your sewing space from clutter and transform it into your creative space of dreams. As a sewist and quilter herself, she knows exactly what she’s talking about.

11. Clothes Making Mavens

Clothes Making Mavens

Helena and Lori love to talk about sewing all day long and with that exhaust the patience of their non-sewing friends. What’s the solution? Start a podcast together and keep talking to each other! While some episodes focus on conversations between them about things they find interesting, others feature interviews with people from the industry.

12. Craft A Life You Love

Craft A Life You Love

Join Amy on this podcast to discover how to create space for your own hobbies. Amy believes everyone is creative and wants to inspire you to live your best creative life. In some episodes, she is speaking with crafting experts and entrepreneurs who are fearlessly chasing their dreams, in others, she shares her perspectives, ideas and inspirations.

13. Sew and Tell

Sew & Tell Podcast

Starting off in 2018, this podcast focuses on “connecting the sewing community and keeping listeners up-to-date on news and trends of sewing and fashion.” Expect to hear insights, inspirations and the latest from Meg, Amanda and Kate, three sewists with very different backgrounds in fashion, indie sewing and the theatre.

14. Sewing Out Loud

Sewing Out Loud

This podcast hosted by mother and daughter duo Zede and Mallory, both based in Missouri, is released on a weekly basis. It’s the perfect podcast to listen to if you are keen to level up your technical sewing skills and you are ready to take your stitching game to the next level. There’s a huge archive on a wide range of topics to listen to.

15. Sewing For The Weekend

Sewing for the Weekend podcast

Another mother-daughter podcast, Beth and Nina ventured out “to create a podcast for discussion and discoveries about home garment sewing by home sewers!” Next to their jobs, both are passionate sewists on the weekends which is where the name comes from. New episodes are released every Thursday and all about the passion for handmade fashions.

16. Fashion Half Cut

Fashion Half Cut Podcast

This podcast is all about fashion. Caroline and Kathryn release new episodes biweekly and know the fashion world inside out as they both work as professional pattern cutters. There’s a variety in what each episode brings, from industry interviews, personal stories and insider tips in the crazy world of fashion, this podcast covers it all.

17. Sew-organised-style

Sew-organised-style podcast

Starting off in 2019, this is Australia and New Zealand’s first sewing community podcast which is hosted by producer Maria and Brisbane correspondent Amy. Topics such as sewing, style and interviews with creatives from the wonderful sewing community provide you with lots of helpful information and resources you can go to when you need help.

18. Business S.H.E.T


As a little extra, here’s a podcast not directly about sewing but hosted by Mimi G, founder of Mimi G Style, Inc. and Sew It Academy. She “has built a million-dollar business from her hobby and now shares her experience in starting, building and growing a business in a no fluff, straight-up approach.” Expect a lot of actionable insights!

This is it, the list with the 18 best sewing podcasts to listen to and follow. Hopefully, they will keep you entertained while sewing and allow you to take your hobby to the next level.

Do you know any other great sewing podcasts which are not listed here? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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