Handmade Dream Dress: Rose Pattern From Wissew

Handmade Dream Dress: Rose Pattern From Wissew

Can one have too many dresses? I don’t think so. When I saw the Rose Dress pattern from Wissew I fell head over heels in love with it and it was clear that it would move right to the top of my sewing list.

I’m a big fan of boho romantic, feminine, floaty dresses, so this pattern is right up my alley. Combining it with a rose-coloured beautiful fabric from Atelier Brunette has made it another dream dress for me.

Me Wearing My Rose Dress
Me wearing my handmade Rose dress.

The Pattern: Rose Dress From Wissew

The Rose dress is such a versatile pattern with different options. For the bodies, you can choose between trendy shoulder knots – the version I’ve made – or beautiful ruffles which are always on-trend. Let me tell you, it was a difficult decision…

When it comes to the skirt, there are two different lengths: a shorter version which ends slightly above the knees or a longer version which reaches just over the middle of the calf. I went for the shorter option.

Me wearing the Rose dress
I absolutely love the heart-shaped neckline.

Why This Pattern

I absolutely adore the heart-shaped neckline of this dress and it was definitely why I was so keen to get my hands on this pattern right away. It gives the pattern this feminine and romantic look.

Another detail I love is that the button placket is at the back of the dress. It gives another special twist and might make it stand out from the other dresses in your wardrobe.

.The beautiful shoulder knots I guess go without saying and it definitely wasn’t my last time sewing them – I see a lot of pattern hacks in my future where I will add these to other patterns.

Last but definitely not least, I love this pattern because it’s super comfy and allows me to be active. While the top is slightly fitted, the bottom part of the dress is nicely floaty and loose which allows you to move around as much as you want without anything pinching.

Me wearing my Rose dress
The dress is so comfy and allows you to be active.

Challenges When Making The Rose Dress

Wissew is originally a French label, creating beautiful patterns with that special something. Take a look at their website and you’re likely to all in love with every single piece. They are just branching out into the English market, so the translation of the patterns available in English might not always be 100% perfect yet. However, if you have a bit of French knowledge or just a good translation tool, you can definitely follow the instructions.

Buttonholes are and will always be a challenge for me but that might just be a personal thing. Just be aware that there are buttonholes to sew and if you have a good sewing machine it will definitely make your life easier.

Other than that, it’s a straightforward sewing project and ideal for an advanced beginner.

Adjustments I’ve Made Made

Barely any! I have added a belt to the dress, just to give it some more shape around the waist. The belt is made out of the same fabric and about 2cm wide and roughly 100cm long. I tied a knot at the back of the dress but you could also have the bow at the front.

The only other adjustment has been the fitting of the bodies to ensure it’s waisted but not too tight.

Me wearing my Rose dress
I have added a belt to the dress and knotted it at the back.

The Fabric: Atelier Brunette

Let’s talk fabrics! In my opinion, getting the fabric-pattern match right is the most crucial part of every sewing project. I’m always reading the recommendation of the pattern carefully and try to find something that fits the specifications.

Why This Fabric For The Rose Dress

For my Rose dress, I wanted to have a fabric that fits the name of the dress. So I was looking for fabric in a red tone but didn’t want a too aggressive colour but rather something that feels warm and soft.

The Crepe Terracotta Fabric from Atelier Brunette – a soft viscose crepe – was the perfect fit for this. It has a slight shade of orange and brown it in, feels silky and drapes so nicely.

The Buttons

To add another nice detail, I treated myself to some matching Glitz Buttons – Terracotta, also from Atelier Brunette. The small buttons have a lovely glittery edge around the pearl base just to give the outfit a bit of a delicate shine.

Me wearing my Rose dress
Me wearing my finished Rose dress.

Final Thoughts

If romantic and floaty dresses are your thing, then this project is definitely for you. It’s easy to sew and if you keep on it, it’s definitely possible to get the entire dress done within a day.

I’m sure I get a lot of use out of my Rose dress and will be excited to wear it over the years to come. If you’re curious to learn about other sewing projects from me, check out this post with my favourite projects from my first two years of sewing or this one about one of my favourite summer dress sewing patterns.

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3 thoughts on “Handmade Dream Dress: Rose Pattern From Wissew

  1. Hey, this looks awesome! I’m considering making several dresses for friends in shades of the same exact fabric you used, hopefully in this design (although I’m worried a bit about the lack of fitted around the waist – and chest for a few of them). But what I actually wanted to know most of all was how well the fabric stood up in terms of creasing and showing sweat etc. How has its durability been, have you got to wear it lots despite this last year? Have you washed it on cold in the washing machine without issue? In all, is it practical and does it stay looking fab all day, or did you iron it right before these photos and then immediately find it scrunched after sitting in it? Many thanks!

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 When it comes to the fitting: while the chest needs to be spot on, I feel that for the waist you have some more flexibility as you can give shape by just adding a simple, handmade belt using the same fabric. For the fabric itself: I absolutely love Atelier Brunette fabrics and think their colour palette is absolutely wonderful. It was a dream to sew with, is easy to wash and comfortable to wear. However, the one downside is that it does scrunch when you move and sit. If you would want to avoid this, a crepe fabric might be a better choice…hope this is helpful 🙂 Any other questions let me know!

  2. Hi! I’m about to make this and have mostly figured out hte steps, but how does the button placked work? Is it folded in or just hemmed and interfaced?

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