How to Make Little Ribbon Bows Using a Fork

How to Make Little Ribbon Bows Using a Fork

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This is a quick tutorial on how to make cute little ribbon bows using a fork. Yes, you’ve heard me right, a fork will be our tool to create those bows! 🎀🍴

Finished Bow Ribbon with Fork
Ribbon Bow Made With a Fork

You can use the finished ribbon bows to decorate all kinds of things. The sky’s the limit here😊 If you need an inspiration, have a look at this post here in which I explain how to sew handmade Christmas Ornaments. The ribbon bows really provide the finishing touches on this project.

With no further delay, let’s get started!


  • Cut a piece of ribbon of roughly 25cm / 10 inches.

    Tape Measure with Ribbon
    Step 1: Cut 10 Inches of Your Ribbon
  • Lay the ribbon around the fork, hold the ends together on the left side.
Step 2: Lie Ribbon around Fork
  • Take the rear end of the ribbon to the front and thread it through the middle gap of the fork. It’s important that you are below the other part of the ribbon when you thread it through (see picture).
Step 3: Thread Ribbon Through Fork
  • Take the end of the ribbon that you’ve just passed through the middle of the fork, pull it up and thread it through the middle gap of the fork a second time (but this time over the bow).
Step 4: Pull the Ribbon Up and Thread it a 2nd Time
  • Ok, the difficult part is over now. Well done! All that’s left to do is to adjust the ribbon bow until you’re happy with it before you tie a knot. For the knot, pass the ribbon end through the loop (see picture below) and pull it towards the right side of the fork.

    Making the Knot
    Step 5: Tie a Knot (pass the end through the loop)
  • Carefully remove your little bow from the fork and cut the endings in a length that you like.

    Finished Ribbon Bow
    Step 6: Slip the Bow Off the Fork and Cut Endings

Pro tip💡: If you have a ribbon that frays around the edges, hold the endings above the flame of a lighter – just for a second – to melt it a bit. With this method to heat seal the ribbon, your endings will no longer be frayed🔥 Kids, don’t do this step without getting help from an adult!

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial! Feel free to share or leave a comment below. I’m keen to know how it went!


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