Dress Pattern Sewing – My Brand New Grace Dress

Dress Pattern Sewing – My Brand New Grace Dress

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My Finished Grace Dress
My Finished Grace Dress

Dress pattern sewing was my ultimate goal when I started sewing and after some initial projects, I felt like it’s time to step up my game.

When I saw the Grace Dress by Sew Over It, I knew right away that this is the perfect next sewing challenge for me👗 It is still a project for beginners but also included lots of opportunities to grow my skills and to learn new things, such as gathering the skirt at the waist or making a tie belt😊

Another big plus? I didn’t just purchase the pattern but also the online class. Let me explain to you why.

Why Choose an Online Sewing Course?

I’m working full-time in a 9 to 5 job which means that I don’t have that much flexibility to join a course in person. An online course, however, gives me the flexibility to sew whenever I want which means that I can easily schedule it around my work and tackle down the project when I’m in the “sewing mood”. Also, I can replay certain scenes – like inserting a zip – dozens of times until I really get it and sew at my own pace which is great as I’m definitely a turtle-speed sewer🐢

The online course for the Grace dress is fantastic. It includes clear instructions and Lisa guides you through the project stitch-by-stitch. The only issue I ran into was that I decided to make the version with capped sleeves. However, the online course didn’t provide instructions for this part so I had to Google quickly how to do this which isn’t a big thing though. I found this video 💁‍♀️here really helpful.

The Grace Dress – Next Level Dress Pattern Sewing

To the pattern itself: the Grace dress is a lovely pattern which has pockets and also includes a handmade tie belt. I’m usually a size 10 but based on the measurements for the finished garment, I’ve chosen to make a size 8 and it fits perfectly.

However, the armholes are rather small and I actually have embarrassing tiny upper arms, so this might be something you want to consider before getting started🤔

Upping your Sewing Game with Adjustments

Also, I’ve made the following two adjustments to the pattern:

Shortening the length. I’ve decided to cut off 6cm and to step in place a hem of 4cm, so I’ve shortened the dress a bit so that it ends above my knees.

Adjusting the neckline. Unfortunately, the neckline of the finished garment was too big for me so that I had to make pleats. Check out this video 💁‍♀️here if you’d like to learn more about how to do this. I’ve also adjusted the pattern accordingly so that the dress would suit perfectly if I’d do another version of it.

Work in Progress: The Pleats
Work in Progress: The Pleats to Adjust The Neckline

What You Need For This Project

If you print the pattern yourself, you also need access to a printer. Or you can send it to a printing shop like Netprinter. And of course, you need a laptop or tablet to watch the online course.

My Fabric & Styling Ideas

The Grace dress pattern is very versatile and depending on the fabric you choose, it can be an elegant evening dress or a comfy everyday piece😊 I went with the second option and have chosen a soft cotton lawn fabric with a lovely leaf print which I bought from Sew Over It. I wear the dress to work but also on the weekend.

Below are two of my favourite styling options for the Grace Dress. The first one is a comfy autumn outfit while the second one is a more elegant version you could wear to work🍃

The Comfy Autumn Look
The Comfy Autumn Look
The Elegant Work Outfit
The Elegant Work Outfit

My Final Thoughts

The Grace Dress is a lovely pattern and the online course was absolutely great to improve my sewing skills at my own pace. Look at the measurements from the finished garment before you start as you might want to choose one size smaller than you’d usually go for. However, be aware that the armholes are quite small.

Have you made the Grace Dress as well? Leave me a comment below and let you know your sewing experience! ⬇️

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