⭐Exciting News⭐: I’m on Instagram Now!

⭐Exciting News⭐: I’m on Instagram Now!

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve launched my brand new Instagram account as of 1st January 2019! 📸It’s a new year and as such a new beginning and for me, this is reflected in my newly created social media presence. This will be my channel to keep you posted on the latest projects and all cool, quirky, interesting, surprising things for you sewing beginners.

Follow Me On Instagram

Make sure to follow me to find out more about our latest news and discoveries instantly. I’ll be sharing lots of pictures and stories. Just one example will be from upcoming sewing projects, but also some really nice inspirations I discover in London or wherever I travel. Join me on my sewing beginner journey. 💖

If you’re also a sewing enthusiast or if you’re thinking about getting started, make sure to follow our sewing beginner journey on sewingbeginner.com or even easier, sign up for my newsletter on the right-hand side.

How can you find me? Search for @sewingbeginner

How to find me? Click here 💁‍♀️www.instagram.com/sewingbeginner or search for @sewingbeginner on Instagram. It’s super simple and I’ll be thrilled to hear what you think of my journey as a beginner in the sewing world. Some of you will be super experts I’m sure and others might just be starting out like me. I want to bring us all together as sewing is such an amazing thing! For those who are interested, here’s how I started out.

Screenshot from sewingbeginner Instagram account
This is my Instagram account @sewingbeginner

Let Me Know What You Want to See

Anything specific you want to see on our Instagram account, like a before & after post, or seasonal sewing projects? Make sure to let me know by leaving a comment below ⬇️ All ideas are welcome and there’s plenty of space in the comment section 😉!

Happy sewing,


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