4 Tips & Tricks How to Get Started with Sewing

4 Tips & Tricks How to Get Started with Sewing

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Hello there and welcome back to my blog! Did I spark your interest in sewing in the meantime? If that’s the case, amazing, let me give you a few tips and tricks on how to get started.

How to Get Started
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Dream big but start small!

I know how tempting it can be when you do some initial research and you immediately fall in love with an amazing sewing pattern for a lovely summer dress that you really want to make.

But if you’re a total beginner – like I am – you might place your goals too high with this…and you will be really disappointed if your first projects are a fail. My recommendation is to start with some easy projects like a cushion cover or pocket square and then build your way up to the top.

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Pro tip💡: have a notebook on the side for inspirations or create a mood board so that you don’t forget about your dream projects – the day will come that you can tackle the challenge and until then, it will be a great motivation to keep going.

Plan your projects

Doesn’t sound like a fun activity, I know, but also in the sewing world, a good preparation and a bit of planning is the alpha and omega. A simple Excel document will do the job and allows you to keep the overview.

List things like the pattern and fabric you want to use plus additional material required for your project such as a matching thread, zips, buttons or a reminder to print the pattern if it’s a PDF version.

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Pro tip💡: while most “normal” printing shops will charge you a fortune to print an A0 pattern, Netprinter has a specific section for sewing patterns on its website and fair prices.

Additionally, I recommend you set yourself a monthly sewing budget and add this to your master document as well. Just to make sure that you don’t go too wild – believe me, it would be an easy thing to do with all the amazing sewing stuff out there 😉

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Or in other words: just give it a try! Also, there is no need to invest too much at the very beginning, for example by buying a sewing machine. Just join a sewing class to see if you actually like it or maybe ask your mum if you could borrow her machine for a few days.

Pro tip💡: check out online marketplaces which enable users to rent items peer-to-peer, such as Fat Llama. Or proceed the other way round, buy a sewing machine and place it on the platform to recover a part of the costs.

Enjoy diving into a new world, stitch by stitch.

The sewing world is a wonderful place with a lot of room for your own ideas. See the journey as the reward and enjoy discovering this new chapter of your life. And take it easy, there is no need to rush.

Mannequin with Flowers
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For me, sewing is a calming and decelerating hobby in a fast-moving and hectic world. And it’s this contrast that I enjoy so much. It’s my problem-free philosophy (Hakuna Matata for all the Lion King fans out there). Play your favourite Spotify playlist in the background, grab a glass of wine, power up your sewing machine and off you go. I love listening to Classic Acoustic, check it out.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that you’ll be back for the next one! In the meantime, sign up for my newsletter on the right, so you don’t miss out on my next post.


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