How to Change the Needle on Your Sewing Machine

How to Change the Needle on Your Sewing Machine

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Do you need to change the needle on your sewing machine for one of your projects? Don’t panic, it’s straightforward and easy to do😃

Where’s the Instruction Booklet📝

First of all, note that the process might vary depending on the sewing machine that you are using. If you’ve read my blog before you know I’m using a Janome CXL301.☝My first recommendation is to have a look at your instruction booklet which you’ve received together with your sewing machine. The answer should be in there💡

If you don’t have a booklet, you can’t find it or you simply don’t want to dig it out from the farthest corner of your basement, let me give you a quick general guide about how you can change the needle on your sewing machine.

Quick Guide for Pretty Much Every Machine

First of all: always a good starting point when doing something like this is to turn off the power switch. Not that you get hurt!⚠️

  1. Before you can remove the needle, you need to move it up to its highest point. Use the handwheel on the right side of your sewing machine for this.

    Hand wheel from sewing machine
    Use the hand wheel to move the needle up to its highest point.
  2. Next, you need to loosen the so-called clamp screw. That’s a small screw, usually on the right side of your needle. Once this is done, you can carefully remove the needle from the clamp.Pro tip💡: store the removed needle safely in a labelled box, a needle holder or another storage space of your choice. Not that you lose it…

    Clamp Screw
    Unscrew the clamp screw to remove the needle.
  3. Before inserting another needle, you might want to test if the needle you’re about to use is ok. This is important as a bent or blunt needle might cause damages to the sewing machine and/or the fabric.Pro tip💡: place the needle onto a flat surface. Then check if the distance between the surface and the needle is consistent.

    Needle on flat surface
    Check that the needle your about to use is not damaged.
  4. To insert another needle, you can simply slide it into the loose needle clamp screw and push it up as far as it goes. The only thing you need to be careful about is that the right side of the needle is facing to the front / the back. One of the upper parts of the needle is flat and that’s the side which should be facing to the back. Hence, the slightly curved upper part should be facing to the front☝ While still pushing the needle up as far as it goes, tighten the clamp screw.

    Pushing in the new needle
    Slide the new needle into the clamp screw, push it up as far as it goes.

And tadaa, you’re done!🎉 After you’ve done this a few time it will be easy peasy lemon squeezy🍋

Hope this quick guide was helpful. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions! And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter on the right side!

Happy sewing,


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