Beginner-Friendly Headband Sewing Tutorial

Beginner-Friendly Headband Sewing Tutorial

Making your own headband is a super easy and fast sewing project. It’s also great for beginners as all you need to do is to sew straight lines with pivots at the corners. Make some for yourself or as a gift to loved ones.

Me wearing a handmade headband
Me wearing a handmade headband matching to my skirt

Headbands are a great project to use up any fabric scraps you might have lying around at home as it doesn’t require a lot of fabric. Plus, if you make it out of leftover from garment sewing projects, it will match your handmade clothes.

What You Need

  • Fabric (around 90 cm x 10 cm on the folded fabric)
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing supplies (scissors, chalk, pins)

How to Sew Your Own Headband

So how do you sew your own headband? Just follow the 4 steps below.

Step 1: Cut out The Fabric

Cut out the shape below. You have two options here:

  • Draw the shape directly onto your folded fabric using tailoring chalk and cut it out.
  • Create a template using paper. Pin this on the folded fabric and then cut it out.

Headband Template

Side note: if your scraps don’t allow you to cut it on the folded fabric, you can also cut out two separate pieces from your leftovers.

Step 2: Sew The Pieces Together

Place your two pieces together, right sides facing each other, and pin in place. Mark a gap of roughly 8 cm (3 inches), so that you can later turn the fabric right side out.

Sew around the shape using a 1 cm seam allowance, backstitch at the beginning and the end to secure your stitches, pivot at the corners and remember to leave the gap open.

how to sew the headband

Step 3: Trim Corners & Turn Fabric

Before you turn your fabric the right side out, make sure to clip the corners to avoid bulkiness. Then, using a loop turner or your hands, turn the fabric inside out.

Pick out the corners – I use a pin for this – and give it a good press with the iron so that everything lies nice and flat.

Trim the corners before turning it around

Step 4: Close The Gap

Last but not least, close the gap you have used to turn the fabric around by sewing close to the edge of the fabric.

Edge Stitch the Gap

Give it one last final good press with the iron and you’re done🎉 That was easy, wasn’t it?

You can, of course, play around with the shape of the headband. Make it smaller with long tails, for example, or slightly thicker and use interfacing to give it more hold. Options are endless!

Me wearing an option with longer tails
Me wearing a headband where I’ve lengthened the tails

When it comes to styling your headband, there are again lots of possibilities! Leave your hair open, take it together in a bun or just a simple ponytail.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Any questions make sure to leave a comment. If you’re on the lookout for a beginner-friendly dress pattern, make sure to check out this post here featuring a lovely tiered dress.

Happy sewing,


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