Handmade Coat Using The Avid Seamstress Pattern

Handmade Coat Using The Avid Seamstress Pattern

Making a coat seems like a big commitment. It requires quite a bit of fabric, some tailoring skills and also a decent amount of time.

This is why it was one of the sewing projects that was sitting on my sewing list for ages but always got deprioritised for the quick wins such as a simple dress or a jumper.

A simpler coat pattern helped with this! It still gave me a garment to love for years to come but had a less complicated structure. Perfect for me as an intermediate dressmaker who wanted to get started with coat making.

The Pattern: The Coat From The Avid Seamstress

The Coat is a woman’s winter coat pattern with a modern, simple silhouette. The hem is at a three-quarter length which suits most woman and goes well with both, dresses and trousers.

It’s a versatile pattern as you can use a lot of different fabrics for your version of The Coat. With a light woven fabric, you could also turn it into a spring or autumn coat and with a heavyweight coating material, it’s ideal for winter.

Me wearing my handmade coat
Me wearing The Coat from The Avid Seamstress

Why Why Pattern

This pattern is perfect if you want to make your first coat. It will give you a fabulous looking result while it’s easy to make without any complex tailoring tasks to worry about.

The princess seams with the in-seam pockets are the reasons I fell head over heels in love with this pattern and also why I like wearing it so much now.

I also like the simple collar and went all out by making a dusty pink lining to make my coat extra special from the inside (love the inner life of handmade clothes).

The coat has a simple, modern silhouette
The Coat has a simple, modern silhouette

Challenges When Making The Coat

Barely any! A collar and a lining are of course not the simplest sewing tasks but if you follow the instructions closely and take it one stitch at a time, you’ll be fine.

Buttonholes are always a challenge for me but as I decided to do a belt instead (see adjustments below), so that wasn’t a challenge I was facing when making my version.

Adjustments I’ve made

There is only one adjustment I’ve made: a belt instead of the button closure. Here’s why:

  1. I don’t like making buttonholes. Somehow always manage to get in trouble with them.
  2. I wanted to add some more shape around the waist and felt that a belt will do the job.
  3. I had some fabric left and I didn’t know what else to do with it.

Really happy with it. I also added some loopholes to thread the belt through so that it doesn’t get lost when I take the coat off.

I have added a belt instead of the button closure.
I have added a belt instead of the button closure.

The Fabric: Vegan Wool

I wanted to use a vibrant colour for my coat to brighten up the dark and short days in winter. When I came across the vegan wool coating from Fabric Godmother in the most beautiful burgundy red, it was clear that I found the right match.

The fabric has a lovely soft-touch finish and is just so comfy to wear. I have used a dusty pink lining and some grey bias and love the inside look of my coat as much as the outside.

Final Thoughts

Making a coat doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and complex tailoring task for advanced sewists only. If you choose a simpler pattern, it will not only give you a modern and timeless coat you’ll love but you will also enjoy the process of making it which is as important!

If you’re not quite ready yet to start a winter project, check out this post here with 20 wonderful autumn sewing projects.

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5 thoughts on “Handmade Coat Using The Avid Seamstress Pattern

  1. Hi there,
    So glad you’ve posted this. I have this pattern and am planning to make it soon. How did you find the sizing ? True to size, or did you size up or down.
    Many thanks

    1. Glad the post is helpful, Vicky! I found the pattern true to size. However, I decided to make a belt out of the fabric leftovers to give it some more shape around the waist 🙂 Best of luck with your coat – I’m sure it’s gonna luck stunning!

  2. Your articles are easy to follow and give great advice. I have been sewing for years and found that if you take things step by step you will succeed.

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