How to Sew Christmas Pocket Squares

How to Sew Christmas Pocket Squares

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Christmas is just around the corner!🎄🎁 I love this time of the year. Christmas lights are glowing all over the city and a peaceful atmosphere is in the air. Due to the early darkness and the cold weather we enjoy spending more time at home. I mean, what could be cosier than a homemade hot chocolate and a Netflix evening with your loved ones, right?

Christmas Bauble
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Also, it’s a great time to move forward with your sewing projects! In this blog post, I will share the easiest sewing project ever with you. It only takes about 10 minutes to make and is a great project for absolute beginners as you only need to sew straight lines.

More advantages?☝It’s the perfect opportunity to finally use the long-stored leftover Christmas fabric that you might have from older sewing projects. And in the end, you will have something special that will give your partner’s or your outfit a nice finishing Christmas touch.

Enough chatter, so we’re about to make…(drums please)…Christmas pocket squares! There are Christmas jumpers and all other types of silly Christmas things why shouldn’t there be Christmas pocket squares.

Christmas Pocket Square
The Finished Christmas Pocket Square in Use

Let’s get started.

  • Start with ironing out any wrinkles from the Christmas fabric you’re about to use. I’ve used a normal cotton fabric with a cute reindeer print that I received from My Sewing Box (a three-month subscription has been the leaving present from my previous employer).

    My Fabric with Reindeer Print
    My Fabric with Reindeer Print
  • On the back of the fabric, draw a square. Use either a chalk or an erasable pen for this. My one had the following size: 26cm x 25.5cm. However, this is not written in stone. Why don’t you use another pocket square that you bought as a template? Just keep in mind to factor in a seam allowance, so the area between the cut edge of your fabric and the stitching. Then cut out your square with the dedicated fabric scissors✂️.

    Cutting Out the Fabric
    Cutting Out the Fabric
  • Time to start sewing! Power up your machine and choose the zigzag stitch. It’s important to zigzag the edges to avoid that they fray out. Once you’ve made it all the way around, keep in mind to trim the threads.

    Choose the Zigzag Stitch on Your Machine
    Choose the Zigzag Stitch on Your Machine
  • Then use the iron again. If you use a cotton fabric, go with full steam. Press 0.5cm to the back of the fabric. Do this for all 4 sides. Depending on your fabric, you might also want to fold and press it a second time.

    Ironing Board with Fabric and Tape Measure
    Fold and Press the Edges
  • Alright, we’re nearly there. So last but not least, you just need to sew all the way around one more time on the pressed fabric. I’ve used a very small zigzag stitch for this but the normal straight one would also be just fine. Trim the threads and….
Sewing the Edges
Sew all the Way Around

…tadaa, you have your pocket square! There are many ways to fold your pocket square – from classic to extravagant. Just google it and the choice is all yours 😉

The Finished Pocket Square
The Finished Pocket Square

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. It really is the easiest sewing project ever and will only take a few minutes to make. And there are no limits to your imagination. Why don’t you use a glittery fabric, for example, to sparkle up your outfit this year?

In this spirit, I wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

🎄 🌟 ❄️ 🎁 🎅 🦌

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