About me

About me

Hi there and welcome to my blog! I’m Yvonne, a passionate sewing beginner living in London. I was born and raised in a lovely countryside place in Switzerland. However, to satisfy my curiosity about the world, my husband and I decided to move to the UK a couple of years ago.

Me in Switzerland

In summer of 2018, I was looking for a new hobby to help me switch off from my full-time job. I wanted something practical where I could use my hands and have a useful outcome. After trying a couple of things, I came across sewing and it was love at first stitch.

Since then, I have sewn dozens if not hundreds of things and can’t stop anymore. Even though I have been sewing for a while now, I still feel like a beginner as there is so much more to learn when it comes to techniques, equipment, fabrics and so on. Can’t wait to explore it all. 

This blog, Sewing Beginner, is my outlet to share my love for sewing and all the cool and quirky things I come across with the rest of the word. I hope you enjoy browsing the site and that you find some inspirations to get started yourself. 

If you want to find out more about me and my makes, check out my Instagram

Happy sewing,


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