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About me

Yvonne About Me

Hello there and welcome to my sewing blog🤗

I’m Yvonne, a passionate sewing beginner living in London. I was born and raised in a beautiful countryside place in Switzerland🇨🇭 However, to satisfy my curiosity about the world and to dive into a new culture, my husband and I decided to move to the UK in November 2016🇬🇧

I’ve been working full-time in startups since we moved here and as you can probably imagine, the combination of London and startups means that things can become quite hectic and crazy sometimes🙈 I struggled with not thinking about work in the evenings and switching off on the weekends. To change that, I was looking for a distraction or rather a new hobby💡

What to choose though? I wanted something which would help me to rediscover the creativity I used to have as a child. Also, as a very practical person, my goal was to have a hobby which would give me a useful end result and not something that sits on a shelf and becomes dusty🤔 I’ve tried a couple of things such as calligraphy and knitting but nothing has really taken me…until I discovered sewing💕

I came across sewing while doing some online research and though I’ll give it a try. Soon after that, in summer 2018, I’ve joined an intro to sewing course and knew right away that I’ve found what I was looking for🎯 Why? Well, first and foremost, I love fashion and clothes. Being able to create my own wardrobe with the patterns and fabrics I love and to create something unique, plus fitted to my body on top of that, is a dream come true for me👗

Also, sustainability is important to me. I’m a little eco-warrior and try to live a sustainable lifestyle – no matter if it’s about nutrition, recycling, transportation or clothing🌿 Sewing helps me to see clothes with different eyes and to appreciate the amount of work behind every single piece. While I don’t sew every single garment on my own (yet), I choose clothes more carefully and want them to last long✨

While speaking with friends about sewing, I realised that there are many stereotypes and questions around this topic, e.g. only grandmas sew or where do you buy your fabrics😅 So I decided to start Sewing Beginner to share my passion for sewing, my learnings along the way and to bring sewing newbies closer together💖

I hope you enjoy this blog and my expedition to discover the wonderful world of sewing stitch-by-stitch🌎 Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram to see my latest projects, inspirations and much more!

I look forward to connecting soon,


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