5 Golden Sewing Rules from My Mum👩🏆

5 Golden Sewing Rules from My Mum👩🏆

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Hi there and welcome back to SewingBeginner!

Today’s post is a very special one for me as I’m gonna share 5 golden rules from my mum.

The Unforgettable Princess Dress Story👸

Before we dive into it, a quick story that I want to share which will explain why my mum is my sewing hero. 4-year old me wanted to dress up as a princess for a school event but I didn’t have a dress. It was short notice and we were on a strict family budget – so a new dress was not an option.

My mum’s solution: she took down the curtains in the living room and conjured up the most amazing princess dress for me👗 I felt great when I was wearing it and was even featured in the local newspaper with the picture below🗞️

Me in My Princess Dress. The Photo Was Featured in Our Local Newspaper.
Me in My Princess Dress. The Photo Was Featured in Our Local Newspaper.

The Golden Rules from my Mum

So, when I started with sewing, I knew that my mum would be the right person to ask for advice. And here are the 5 golden sewing rules that she has shared with me and which I’d love to share with you🏆

1. Be Brave and Never Give Up

Her first piece of advice was to be brave just give it a try! She said that especially at the beginning things might not always go according to plan which is totally ok. Accept that not everything has to be perfect💁

Also, before throwing away a project which might seem like a failure, think about how you can still turn things around. Mistakes can often be covered up with a bit of imagination and improvisation. For example, just cover up a blurred sewing line with a decorative ribbon🎀

We Celebrate Carnival in Switzerland. This Is a Custom That My Mum Has Made for Me.
We Celebrate Carnival in Switzerland. This Is a Custome That My Mum Has Made for Me.

2. Never Hesitate to Ask Someone for Help

Next, my mum highlighted the importance of asking for help ℹ️ If you feel like you’re at the end of your wits or that you’ve reached a dead end, never give up. Reach out to a friend who sews as well, reach out to someone online or leave a comment in my blog and I’ll try to help. We sewing beginners have to stick together. My mum’s best friend has studied dressmaking when she was younger, so she is lucky to have an expert around.

If that’s not the case for you, there are plenty of other ways. For example:

  • Join a beginners course near where you live
  • Buy a sewing book for sewing beginners📚
  • Google your issue and find the community that can help you
  • Search for a tutorial on YouTube👀there’s bound to be something
  • Leave a comment on sewingbeginner.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Promise! 🤞

Mum’s Pro Tip💡: organise a weekly or monthly handicrafts afternoon with friends. In my mum’s group, they always meet at someone’s home and everyone brings along the project they’re working on, no matter if it’s knitting, sewing or anything else. They not only give each other motivation but also share the best tips and tricks. Give it a finishing touch with some tea and biscuits and a lovely afternoon is guaranteed☕🍪

My Mum Has Made the Cute Dress My Sister Is Wearing in a Beginner Sewing Course.
My Mum Made the Cute Dress Which My Sister’s Wearing in a Sewing Beginner’s Course.

3. Get Inspiration And Where To Get It

My mum basically never strictly sticks to instructions – no matter if it’s with a recipe or a sewing booklet. She always adds a personal touch. For that, she loves to get lots and lots of inspiration. Some of her favourite sources:

  • Nature. Her phone is full of pictures from mountains, trees, flowers and so on. She also collects pine cones, leaves etc. while taking our two dogs out for a walk and uses them afterwards for handicraft projects🌿🐶
  • Magazines. There are so many great magazines out there which she loves to buy from time to time to get some inspiration, e.g. Burda or LandLiebe (a Swiss magazine in German)📓
  • Clothing stores. A bit of window shopping always helps to get inspiration for future projects to tackle down👚 Also, my mum is a big fan of buying second-hand fabric and garments to redesign them to her own taste.

4. Use Good Sewing Equipment

Another advice from my mum is to buy good sewing equipment. Have a look here to find out more about what you need. She said that nothing is more annoying than a scissor which doesn’t cut well and a threat which tears apart when you start sewing✂️ Investing a bit more money in good equipment will save you a lot of nerves later on😉

The Little Clown in the Middle Is Me. It Goes Without Saying That My Mum Has Also Made This Outfit.
The Little Clown in the Middle Is Me. It Goes Without Saying That My Mum Has Also Made This Outfit.

5. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Last but not least, my mum recommends that you start with your sewing projects early enough⏰ This is especially important if you have a clear deadline, e.g. having the costume ready for a carnival.

As a beginner, chances are rather high that you’ll run – or rather sew – into an issue sooner or later🙈 Having a bit of extra time gives you a chance to think about how to solve or fix it. It’s important at the beginning to take it stitch-by-stitch rather than rushing through a project.

Summary of My Mum’s 5 Golden Rules

As I’ve mentioned at the beginning, my mum is my role model when it comes to sewing. It’s also been a great way to connect with my mum in a whole new way. Since I’ve started sewing, we’ve got so much to talk about. We’re looking up projects, discuss new ideas and I’m often asking her for advice on my next project.

Next up, we’ll be dyeing one of my tops as I don’t like its colour. It’s great fun working together on such projects and I think she’s proud that I started sewing.

There are so many invaluable tips and tricks I get from her and I hope the above summary is helpful for you as well. If you have any additional advice, please leave a comment below, I would love if you share your rules and help everyone become better at sewing! Thank you! 🔽

Happy sewing,


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