4 Invaluable Tips for Clean Sewing

4 Invaluable Tips for Clean Sewing

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Ok, I admit it – I’m a perfectionist. An annoying and exhausting thing to be, but it is what it is. However, if you are not a detail freak by nature like I am, first of all, good for you, and secondly, I’ve got 4 tips and tricks which might help you to sew cleanly as you go 😊

Prepare your workstation

A good preparation is half the battle so make sure you have a nice and tidy sewing corner!

Have your sewing machine on a table with small scissors next to it to trim your threads together with your pin dish so that you don’t lose your pins as you go. I recommend a magnetic pin dish as it will make life easier and safer (no or at least less lost pins on the floor).

Mannequin with Tape Measur
Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

Additionally, have your ironing board and iron ready as you will need it from time to time during the project. I usually have the tape measure either close to hand or around the neck.

Other useful things to have at your workstation are an unpicker (especially for beginners) and an erasable pen or chalk for making marks on your fabric.

Reverse at the beginning and the end

It is important to secure your first and last sewing stitches to prevent the thread from pulling out. To do that, just do some backstitches which means that you sew a few stitches, reverse back, and then sew forward again.

Sewing Machine Stitches
Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

This gives you a total of three layers of thread to secure your stitching and holds everything well in place. Keep in mind to always do this at the beginning and the end of a sewing line!

Trim your threads

Once you’ve done your reverse stitches and you pull out your fabric from the sewing machine, use the small scissors to trim your threads. Make it a habit to do this right after you’ve finished a sewing line so that you don’t forget about it.

White Threads on Table
Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

This will help you to have a clean and tidy sewing project as you go. If you don’t trim your threads, you might end up having small bits and pieces of threads picking out of your finished garment which would be annoying.

Zigzag the seams

Now this one might not always be relevant depending on the fabric you use but usually, it’s a good practice to zig zag the seams. Alternatively, if you happen to have an overlock machine (I don’t have one), you can, of course, use this to finish off your seams.

White Fabric Rolls
Photo by Ethan Bodnar on Unsplash

I love the zig zag part as you can turn your speed control up to the limit and really go for it! A zigzagged seam prevents your edges from fraying, so it’s really important that you do this step.

Here we go! That’s it, 4 invaluable tips for clean sewing. Let me know how you get along by commenting below!

Happy sewing,


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